7 Clever Tricks to Prevent Blisters from Running

7 Clever Tricks to Prevent Blisters from Running


Experiencing blisters from running? These 7 super clever tips will help prevent blisters from running and save your feet.

Let’s see why blisters happen, a few basic ways to prevent them, and then some super clever ways to prevent blisters too.

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Why do Runners Get Blisters?

Friction and moisture cause blisters.

When skin gets wet, either from water (like puddles) or sweat, it is much more susceptible to blisters.

Friction can be cause by poorly-fitting running shoes. Or running shoes that weren’t broken in properly. Definitely break in running shoes before going for a real run!

Normal, repeated pounding on the pavement can be the cause of friction (that often happens during long runs).

So if you can reduce the friction and reduce the moisture, you’ll be in a MUCH better spot to prevent blisters from running.

There are some basic ways to prevent blisters too…

7 Clever Ways to Prevent Blisters from Running


1.) Sprinkle Baby Powder on Your Feet

As mentioned above, moisture majorly contributes to blisters.

Prevent blisters on your sweaty feet by sprinkling baby powder or talcum on them before putting your socks on.

The baby powder absorbs moisture to keep it away from your skin.

Not working? Sprinkle some into your socks too.


2.) Spray Antiperspirant on Your Feet

Antiperspirant literally means to reduce or prevent perspiration (aka: sweat) so you can probably figure out the purpose of this tip.

Spray some directly onto your feet before putting on socks.


3.) Slather Aquaphor On Your Feet

Aquaphor - Prevent Blisters from Running

Again with the theme of keeping moisture off your feet – Aquaphor works wonders to prevent moisture from getting to your skin.

Training for my first 10 Miler gave me SO many blisters on my toes.

So I tried rubbing Aquaphor onto my toes (and toe parts of the sock) to create a moisture seal. IT WORKED. Yessssssssss.

In my experience, Aquaphor works better than Body Glide for Her or Vaseline, but all 3 are great options.

Get the smaller size (the 1.75oz bottle) Aquaphor from Amazon because it lasts forever. The 3 pack is less than $15 (and you can throw one in your gym bag as a backup). No need to buy the giant tub!

For reference, the same size 1.75oz Vaseline (for one container) is $1.69. Aquaphor ends up being less than $5 but it’s works really really well.


4.) Tape Your Problem Spots with Tape

Tape - Prevent Blisters from Running
Image credit: Fellrnr.com

There are many different tape options for preventing blisters on your feet.

Note: be very careful not to tape too tightly, and always test this method well before any race (never try something new on race day)

This very comprehensive guide to taping for blister prevention does a great job at explaining the full breadth of options, but in summary, try these 2 first:

  • Duct Tape – I’ve used this for bigger areas like the heel or bottom of the foot. It’s rigid, but sticks to the skin pretty well and provides a slippery surface to reduce friction from the shoe on your skin. Not great for long runs because it peels back eventually but good for a 2-4 miler.
  • Leukotape P – funny name, good product, especially for the toes.

Here’s a super helpful chart for choosing the right tape for your blister issue:

Tape to prevent blisters from running
Chart credit: http://fellrnr.com/wiki/Taping


5.) Or, Use Moleskin to Cover Up Problem Spots

Moleskin - Prevent Blisters from Running

Moleskin comes in like 150 different versions (exaggeration, but there are a ton of options).

There are moleskin strips, moleskin pads, extra-heavy moleskin, “molefoam” (not actual foam), etc.

Which one you use depends on the location and severity of your blister (and whether preventing or treating an existing blister).


6.) Wear Toe Socks

Toe Socks - Prevent Blisters from Running

I have openly declared my love for Injinji toe socks before, because they saved my feet from constant blisters.

They are magical.

If other prevention methods above don’t alleviate your blister issues then I highly recommend buying a pair of toe socks. They’re inexpensive compared to the incredible relief they provide.

At first, I thought I’d hate toe socks. I mean, who wears something between their toes like that, right?

Me (now). And tons of other runners. You get used to it and literally forget it’s there.

And you fall in love.

Seriously, try them.


7.) Try Loosening Your Laces

I have a narrow foot and tend to tie my shoelaces way too tight.

Your feet swell a bit once you start running. If your laces are too tight, the tight areas will rub against your foot.

Remember this. Don’t crank the laces as tight as they can go.

Having issues with blisters on the top of your arch, side of your foot, or toes?

Try loosening the laces a bit and see if it helps.

If that doesn’t work, try lacing your running shoes a little differently.

See this helpful shoe lacing chart:

Lacing Your Running Shoes for Fit and Function | He and She Eat Clean
Image credit: www.heandsheeatclean.com


Those are 7 clever ways to prevent blisters from running, hopefully they can help you begin to run blister-free!

Note: You may want to start with some basics – not all blisters require the more advanced “clever” ways. Sometimes simple things are causing blisters. Read on.


Also: a Few Basic Ways to Prevent Blisters from Running Too

Good Running Shoes - Prevent Blisters from Running

  • Buy running shoes that fit properly – ill-fitting shoes aren’t shaped for your feet and rub in an the wrong places (much like my ex boyfriend)
  • Don’t get cheapo running shoes!!!! – Just listen to me on this one. Or don’t….but enjoy your future blisters.
  • Keep your feet as dry as possible – avoid puddles, stay away from the shoreline, avoid sprinklers, don’t pour water on yourself if it’s hot out because that water sure as heck is going to follow gravity to your feet
  • Don’t Let Toenails Get Long – they can rub up against other toes or the front of your running shoe. Not good. Blister city.

Blisters don’t have to be a permanent issue for runners.

Just be patient and try the basic prevention methods first (I’m looking at you, person-who-bought-cheap-running-shoes!) and then move onto the clever ways to prevent blisters from running.

Have any more ideas that aren’t on this list? Tell me in the comments!


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7 Clever Tricks to Prevent Blisters from Running

7 Clever Tricks to Prevent Blisters from Running7 Clever Tricks to Prevent Blisters from Running 7 Clever Tricks to Prevent Blisters from Running 7 Clever Tricks to Prevent Blisters from Running 7 Clever Tricks to Prevent Blisters from Running

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